How to Motivate Yourself to Hit the Gym After Work

One of the toughest parts about getting fit is finding the time to workout and train. Whether you are doing cardio or weight training, both take time to do. If we all had a few extra hours in our day, it would be much simpler. But we live in the real world time is our most valuable commodity.

The most obvious time to get a workout in is after work. Very few like to wake early and train before work, and even less like to hit the gym late at night. However, it doesn’t matter what career you are in, being anywhere for nine straight hours and dealing with others will drain your soul. It is tough to get the motivation after work to exercise.

If you go home and sit on the couch first, eat a bit here and there, then your chances of going to the gym and working up a sweat severely drop off. And forget about it if you are going to head home and take a quick power nap. That “quick power nap” will turn into a three hour sleep coma and when you awake, you will be lucky to remember your name, let alone what day it is and how you were planning to workout. It’s like Clubber Lang hit you with a left hook and you have lost all your senses.

Below I have listed a couple surefire ways to increase your motivation and make you invigorated to get into the gym after work!

how to motivate to exercise

You’ve Got a Friend

At least I hope you have a friend. And hopefully this friend is one of two things:

  • A person that is a bit overweight and ready to get into shape!
  • A workout fiend that is toned and ripped!

If you make plans with a friend to meet at the gym after work to train together, then it is much harder to ignore that commitment. It’s in our DNA that we will pull the plug and cancel an engagement if it is just hurting us. Your favorite episode of Saved by the Bell is on where they form the band The Zack Attack? Well I am going to cancel going to the gym. The movie Must Love Dogs is on? It’s a bit girly, but I can miss the gym tonight. I have to admit that I have even cancelled going to the gym because a decent Lifetime Movie was on (probably with Tori Spelling)! Nevertheless, if we know we are meeting a friend there, then all of a sudden we can’t back out. It is an obligation that we can’t skip!

Sign Up for Classes

How many of us sign up for yearly memberships at the gym and don’t think twice when we waste that money and only go there now and then? That is how gyms stay open! All these people sign up for yearly memberships then never use the place. It’s like free money for them!

But for some reason, once you sign up for fitness classes and pay a bit of extra money, it will flip a switch inside of you that you never knew was there. All of a sudden you become the cheapest gym goer in the world and want to get every penny out of your fitness class. You show up early and stay late. You buy all these little spandex outfits so you look like a professional in there while you are sweating. Quickly, you become the most no-nonsense, motivated person in the class!

Just Two? All You Need is Two!

These two ways to increase your motivation to hit up the gym after work are simple and easy to remember. Both are guaranteed to work if you just give them a try. Nobody enjoys letting down friends or spending more money to not workout. Let your morals and cheapness be your guide to getting fit!