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Discussion in 'Around the League' started by Greeney03, Mar 29, 2012.

  1. Greeney03 Administrator

    Today, Yoenis Cespedes hit his first Major League home run against the Mariners in Tokyo, Japan.

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  2. xelance Member

    why they open up the MLB season in Japan is beyond me....could you imagine not being able to see the NFL opener live because it was being shown in a different country many timezones away? Baseball should be no different, these should be spring training games if anything. The opener SHOULD open in the U.S...it is, afterall, America's pasttime.
  3. It's utterly stupid......If they want to fly a team over there during the season fine, endure the long A** trip, but to start the season outside the US is sacrilege....
  4. SDSUBaseball Go Blues!

    Agreed. I'm all for visits to other countries but they should be spring training games.
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  5. Talondor Member

    I see no problem with it.
  6. Maybe Japan should fly over their Sumo wrestlers to open Sumo season here..... or Australia should fly up their Rugby teams to open the season here ? Insert whatever national sport of whatever country, opening outside that country and depriving it's home base fans of that special day

    It's totally ridiculous.....
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  7. Greeney03 Administrator

    I don't have a problem with that either. I think it's a big deal to people because it's opening day. Maybe the reaction would be different if we're in the 2nd week of the regular season.
  8. xelance Member

    yes...it is a huge deal, and yes it would be different. It is just assinine that baseball's season opener is in Japan. We dont even get to watch the game, and as our national sport, that just blows and it doesn't make sense at all. It should be on ESPN..live in the U.S.
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  9. Greeney03 Administrator

    Right. On that part, I agree with you guys.
  10. SDSUBaseball Go Blues!

    Plus they do it like a week before the real season starts. It's retarded.
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