Cincinnati Reds @ San Diego Padres

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  1. chilli311 Ain't Nothin' but a Fig Thing

    [IMG]@ [IMG]
    (30-50) -- (33-50)

    Thursday, Jul 5 | Petco Park | 7:05 PM

    Mat Latos, LHP (7-2, 4.42)
    vs. Padres: 0-0, -.--
    @ Petco: 12-13, 3.11


    Edinson Volquez, RHP (5-7, 3.68)
    vs. Reds: 0-0, -.--
    @ Petco: 3-5, 3.18

    Friday, Jul 6 | Petco Park | 7:05 PM

    Bronson Arroyo, RHP (3-5, 4.06)
    vs. Padres: 4-7, 4.56
    @ Petco: 2-2, 2.70


    Kip Wells, RHP (1-1, 1.50)
    vs. Reds: 2-10, 4.97
    @ Petco: 2-1, 2.18

    Saturday, Jul 7 | Petco Park | 7:05 PM

    Homer Bailey, RHP (6-6, 4.24)
    vs. Padres: 3-0, 3.48
    @ Petco: 1-0, 2.57


    Clayton Richard, LHP (6-8, 3.64)
    vs. Reds: 0-1, 5.57
    @ Petco: 14-14, 2.76

    Sunday, Jul 8 | Petco Park | 1:05 PM

    Johnny Cueto, RHP (9-5, 2.35)
    vs. Padres: 0-2, 7.41
    @ Petco: 0-0, -.--


    Ross Ohlendorf, RHP (2-0, 7.31)
    vs. Reds: 1-3, 4.23
    @ Petco: 1-0, 3.55
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  3. xelance Member

    bold statement there! I think his no hitter will be done in the second or third inning :p
  4. chilli311 Ain't Nothin' but a Fig Thing

    I hope we destroy him, and he takes a liner to the face from Grandal.

    through music, you can live forever...
  5. xelance Member

    daaaaaamn...I sense you dont like Latos lol, thats messed up regardless
  6. starbucksgod Member Since '05

    I think the Padres can split and that will be pretty good against a touch cincinatti team. Padres offense will give Latos a rough homecoming tonight though.
  7. chilli311 Ain't Nothin' but a Fig Thing

    He can suck a dick. No problem with the others, but I think Cueto will own us.
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  8. chilli311 Ain't Nothin' but a Fig Thing

    I just posted on my buddy's wall (the Reds fan) what I posted here about Latos, and he actually agrees. I'm glad Reds fans hate him too. :D
  9. SDSUBaseball Go Blues!

    You don't want Arroyo to suck a dick anymore?
  10. Greeney03 Administrator

    Dick's galore in this thread already. lol
  11. chilli311 Ain't Nothin' but a Fig Thing

    Nah. I was confusing him with Hamels for some reason (the comments Hamels made about the Padres earlier this season; since hitting Harper, I've regained my respect for him). I still want to say that I recall Arroyo talking S*** about the team at some point though. I might be making that up though.
  12. SDSUBaseball Go Blues!

    He has that lame haircut so it's all good
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  13. Padres and Reds will split the series IMO. Cincy is too good for us to beat them 4 straight...
  14. Maybin with a base hit to left in the bottom of the 2nd to break Mat Latos´ no hitter :D
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  15. xelance Member

    " bold statement there! I think his no hitter will be done in the second or third inning :p"
    Called dat S***! :p
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  16. Pitcher´s duel so far as expected, 1-0 Reds in the top of the 7th now.
  17. Greeney03 Administrator

    They left their offense in Arizona it seems like...
  18. xelance Member

    naw...Latos is just that good. Great pitching duel
  19. xelance Member

    Alonso 2 for 2, booyah Latos
  20. xelance Member

    WTF!!!!! HORRIBLE CALL!!!!!! HE MADE THAT EASILY! Wow...huge blown call there. Maybin was safe at first...would be first and third with 1 out, so much different than a guy at third with 2 outs. Great...
  21. Greeney03 Administrator

    Tough luck there... That sucks!
  22. Now Black got ejected and Cabrera struck out. Oh well...
  23. Brad Bach makes quick work of the Reds...should be an interesting finale..
  24. xelance Member

    GONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SOLO JACK BY LOGAN FORSYTHE! F YES!!!!!!!!!!
  25. Greeney03 Administrator

    Solo job by Forsythe!!!
  26. Forsythe brings the pop back to PETCO with a pinch hit solo shot to tie it up folks...
  27. xelance Member

    Neither Latos or Volquez get a decision, both pitched their asses off
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  28. Greeney03 Administrator

    Amarista is batting 3rd tonight?? Is that true??? Nice outing by Volquez btw.
  29. No he is batting 2nd. Headley is the one batting 3rd..
  30. xelance Member

    Dick Enberg just said that Padres have given Volquez 0 runs in 7 starts this season....OUCH
  31. xelance Member

    what a bunt by Maybin! Bases loaded no outs! Huge double by Yasmani, intentional walk, then a beautiful bunt
  32. xelance Member

    gaaaaaaaame over!!!!!! first pitch hit by Cabrera, basically a ground rule double :D 6 straight for the friars!
  33. Greeney03 Administrator

    Way to go E-6!!!!! Padres win!!!
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  34. xelance Member

    signature petco win, good pitching and defense and just enough offense to win. I love how the Padres are not beating themselves.
  35. monks Member

    Yep. It seems like they're more at ease now. I'm excited for the future.
  36. xelance Member

    They just showed Cam Maybin on the postgame show, he has an LA KINGS hat in his locker...boss right there!
  37. Greeney03 Administrator

    Jumping on the bandwagon there, Cam? lol
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  38. SDSUBaseball Go Blues!

    Buddy is dumb but he ain't that dumb
  39. starbucksgod Member Since '05

    Good win last night. Latos looked good, but our offense did a good job coming back late.
  40. Series tied at 1..
  41. starbucksgod Member Since '05

    Arroyo owned us last night, but Wells was decent enough. Pitching well so far, still don't buy into him being that great though.
  42. Padres will go for a split today, I think they will beat Cueto...
  43. starbucksgod Member Since '05

    yeah, I like Marquis over Cueto.
  44. starbucksgod Member Since '05

    Nice back to back strikeouts of Stubbs and Votto to get out of the 3rd inning jam!
  45. starbucksgod Member Since '05

    Jay Bruce burns Padres pitching again with a home run to center. 2-0 Reds.
  46. starbucksgod Member Since '05

    Ludwick hits one in the 2nd deck for back to back homers. 3-0 Reds.
  47. starbucksgod Member Since '05

    Amazing catch by Maybin to rob Votto of a homerun! Don't know how he hung on to that one, but will definitely make the top plays on Sports Center tonight.
  48. starbucksgod Member Since '05

    Denorfia's RBI groundout makes it 3-1 Reds. Hopefully the Padres can come up with some late runs again this afternoon.
  49. starbucksgod Member Since '05

    Brach comes in and strikes out the side to get out of the sixth inning jam. Padres pitching showing some good things this afternoon.
  50. starbucksgod Member Since '05

    Bases loaded walk to Kotsay with 2 0uts. 3-2 Reds.
  51. Greeney03 Administrator

    Nice avatar Starbucks
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