Denver Broncos @ San Diego Chargers

Discussion in 'Pro Sports' started by chilli311, Oct 9, 2012.

  1. Greeney03 Administrator

    I'm not gonna say "plenty" of time, but "enough" time to throw. He's just making terrible decisions/throws.
  2. xelance Member

    That loss may be the toughest, worst loss I have ever seen by the Chargers. Just plain awful...still shocked about it. Remind me never to live bet on this team again. :banghead: :banghead: I bet on them when the momentum was swinging toward the Donkeys...thinking the Chargers would pull it out. As for Rivers, I cant blame it all on him...a couple of those were horribly run routes (Royal for instance) and Gates just got the ball swooped from him by Leonhart. I really don't think he is a very good 4th quarter clutch QB and that is a huge problem...too many dumb decisions when the game is on the line.
  3. xelance Member

    Highlight of the game: Decker tripping over his own feet when he was wide open and running for the endzone, that was fkin hilarious!!!!!!
  4. SDSUBaseball Go Blues!

    Rivers sucks. The end.
  5. xelance Member

    lol...yeah I dunno what the hell has been wrong with him, something has to change though. Maybe something has always been wrong but we didnt notice because Vincent Jackson, Antonio Gates, and M 80 made every poorly thrown ball look like an easy grab.
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