Headley, Gyorko, Forsythe, Alonso IF

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  1. Well we've discussed the idea, but now it seems like more and more people are either cherry picking our idea, or they are hearing the same things come from somewhere else..... UT Article discusses how Gyorko is looking forward to trying to win the starting 2bag role out of spring, which could mean Forsythe starts at SS, and Headley at 3rd.....While I personally am all for finding out if this offensive minded IF would work, I doubt everyone will be. I personally think Forsythe would be fine at SS providing he hits, and the same with Gyorko playing 2nd, and if gives the Padres that potentially legit punch throughout the lineup........This kind of move would also allow the franchise to target pitching and maybe a strong power hitting RFer (whoever that is) instead of other position players with what money they do have to spend.....

    I like it !
  2. Greeney03 Administrator

    Yeah I like the idea too. I'm sure E-6 can be the utility guy, but Amarista is the odd man out here. I'm sure SDSU doesn't mind that at all. haha! He pretty much disappeared down the stretch.
  3. Well before you write off Amarista he can play a very solid OF as well......something ECab cannot..... Or do you keep them both and let a guy like Guzman go ?
  4. Greeney03 Administrator

    Hmmm... Good question. I say keep Guz and choose between E-6 and Amarista.
  5. I say let Venable go.........LOL.......actually it's possible they are all kept
  6. Greeney03 Administrator

    haha! They need to sign a new RF then. I'd keep Venable this year though. FA pool for RF this year kinda sucks.
  7. they signed Denorfia and Kotsay.......RF is covered with guys like Venable already......And they'll need to decide if they are keeping a Tekotte and a few others as well....Can't have too many 4th/5th OFers on the same team...
  8. Greeney03 Administrator

    Good point. DeNo > Venable anways, right PFF? :cheers:
  9. SDSUBaseball Go Blues!

    You can't have Deno without Venable. Together they are a pretty good RF.

    From what I have read, all efforts are going towards the rotation this offseason. I'd love to see them target whoever the Angels don't extend between Haren and Santana.

    As far as the actual topic. That IF is fine if they hit. You gotta keep Guzman and E-6 around though.
  10. He was for a long time the best hitter on this team :D
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